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Director’s Network

The Lafayette-Acadian Area Director’s Network was started in the mid 90’s with the help of Dr. Mary Sciaraffa and Child Care Key. In the late 90’s till present Patti Viator Endsley chaired the Director’s Network.

The Mission of the Director’s Network was to provide the continuing education required for Director’s and Director’s Designees and to offer an atmosphere of networking among child care professionals.

Meetings are 1.5 hours in length and are approved by Pathways/State to meet administrator hours. Topics and speakers vary from month to month. If you know of a speaker or vendor that would like to present to the Network please email me contact information.

Director’s classes located at:

Director’s Meeting are now in conjunction with Success by Five Director’s Meeting and location will be announced before each meeting based on the speaker and size needed. Please feel free to contact me if questions arise. Thanks and hope to see you there!!

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